Cinnamon Roll Waffles? Yes please!!

Sunday morning.
A perfect day of the week to cook a nice breakfast for your family!
This past week I stubbed across a yummy sounding recipe from Recipe Girl.
I love cinnamon. Or anything that has cinnamon and icing for that matter! This was an easy one to whip up and the kids also loved it. B decided his hair would love some too....

I decided to make the waffle recipe I would normally use (the back of a Bisquick box plus a few extra ingredients) Then I used the same icing as Recipe girl called for.


2 Cups Original Bisquick mix
1 1/3 Cups Milk
2 Tbsp Canola Oil (or any oil you like to use)
1 Egg
1 tsp Vanilla
a dash of cinnamon

Plug in and heat waffle maker. Mix all ingredients until blended.
Spray non stick cooking spray in waffle maker. Add one large spoon full on maker and close lid until done, or when steam starts coming up. While waffles are cooking start on your toppings.

Cinnamon Topping

1/2 Cup Butter, Melted
3/4 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Tbsp Cinnamon

Cream Cheese Topping

4 Tbsp Butter
2 oz Cream Cheese
3/4 Cup Powdered Sugar
1/2 tsp Vanilla

Drizzle on waffles & enjoy!

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Happy 4th Of July!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Independence Day!!

B's first time eating a popsicle!

Some waffles I whipped up this morning!

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Nails dressed for the 4th!

Last night I spent about 2 hours doing my own nails! I am one who always has to have nail polish on and I also like dramatic, frilly puuurrrty nails!
Recently I just bought myself the "Monster Bundle" nail art stamping set. It has so many different designs and plates you can use I love it! Perfect for any holiday or just everyday wear. After watching a few youtube tutorials and practicing a few times on my 5 year old princess and also a couple times on myself I decided to give it a go and get festive for the 4th! As you can see that is how they turned out! I'm pretty happy with them! You definitely need to buy the Konad "Special polish" that is thick and made for stamping. I tried out a few different brands of my own polish to see if you would work and there was no success. It would not stick to the stamper, it's just to thin.
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