DIY flag shorts - 4th of July!

Here is an EASY DIY that takes no time at all! And PERFECT for Independence day.
I seen a few variations of these flag shorts on Pinterest and I decided to make my daughter her own from a small pair of jeans since she was in need of another pair of shorts anyways. After seeing how awesome they turned out I decided to dig in my closet for an old pair of jeans too! 
I used what I had on hand as far as paint went. Which was Krylon spray paint!! Not sure how long they will last for but, I did wash Z's pair again after I sprayed them because I wanted them to frail more and her dye held up very well. I cut the jeans, bleached them in a small amount of 50/50 water & bleach. Then washed. Taped them up and sprayed. Tape well!! I actually used the left over pant legs as an extra cover and I still managed to get some over spray. 

 After painting & before 2nd wash. 


Z's "hippy" look. lol 

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