Desk before & after

A few months back I was on a hunt for a dresser for Z since she was coming home with homework and didn't really have a place to study besides the kitchen table, which would have been fine except little B enjoys stealing her pencils and coloring on her work.
I went into our local furniture store with a small desk in mind.
The desk didn't have to be in the best of shape just some what sturdy. 
 New desks can run pretty expensive and I didn't really want to spend that kind of money knowing I could paint an older one for less then half the price. After looking at 3 options I found one I liked.

The side paneling needed replacing, it was a bit wobbly, the drawers fell out and were broke on the inside, there were some cracks on the legs, the top look like it had bite marks and it had that "old" smell. SOLD! For $15 I bought it, called the hubby up and told him he had something to unload when I got home. 

Here she was......

The lovely hubby replaced the side paneling for me and also sanded the top.
The top was stained and I chose PEACOCK BLUE (such a cute name) for the main color of the desk.
I went with the 2 toned look & the drawer pulls were changed out. I L.O.V.E the way it turned out! Z loves it also. 

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