Happy New Year!

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My top 10 of 2010!

My top 10 highlights of 2010!!

2010 was a VERY busy year for us. Nothing but a good year too! It was pretty hard putting the order of what I enjoyed as everything this past year has been wonderful. Here it is!

#10 Sledding into 2010!

Pregnant and trying to ride a sleigh

#9 Picnics with the family

#8 Our Baby BBQ!

#7 Vacationing for a week in Tucson!

#6 Zoey turning 5!

#5 Blakes first 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

#4 Zoey Starting Kindergarten!

#3 My dads 50th!

#2 My little brother graduating High School

And my #1 of 2010 would be the birth of my son Blake!

I can't believe he is already 7 months old!

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No more Holiday madness!

Now that the holiday madness is over I can get back into my routine. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas as I did! Santa was very good to myself and family. Food was delicious and company was wonderful! Now it's time to get my kinect in gear and work off some of the holiday weight! oh heck I still have a few more days until the new years. That can wait.... lol
Anyhoo here are some photos of my Christmas! More posts to come... for some reason I was unable to post photos for a few days! ugh.. So I am a little behind in the posting area.

Zoey got her pillow pet!

Blake loved the wrapping paper.

Yummy Food

Our Christmas ended with some fireworks.
I'm sure my neighbors love us!
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Christmas Lights and the Wild West

I have been trying to post this for over a week but was unable too. So here it is! Sorry for the delay...

Two weekends ago my family and I traveled across state to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. We had a wonderful time! My mom cooked an awesome meal. Of course nothing beats moms holiday dinners! Later in the evening we took a trolley ride tour threw a neighborhood that is known for their huge display of lights. It's called the Winterhaven Festival.
I recommend it to everyone it was very neat! The next day we took a visit to Tombstone. We walked the streets and did a horse and carriage tour. To finish the trip we go some old time photos taken! That was my 2nd time visiting and hubbys 1st. He has been wanting to go and absolutely loved it. Over all we had a fabulous and eventful visit!

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Why I have been MIA!

So, I've been a bit MIA here lately! With good reasons of course. This holiday time has been crazy busy for us. We just got back from having Christmas with my side of the family. I have had my cricut working away while I glue together alot of albums which I will post another day. I made some treats for my daughters kindergarten class. Along with some ornaments for my kiddies and a few close family members. Then I made my very first sign! It was stenciled then painted. That was interesting as I'm not big in the painting department. Tomorrow the in-laws come over and will stay for the weekend to celebrate Christmas. I'm ready for some good food and good company!!

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Santa Baby!

Here is my Santa baby! I took these today.
Of course Blake wanted to look everywhere but at me.

I love the breaking of the candy cane!
Take that candy cane!
Not that I have having anything against candy canes I actually love them!
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Holiday Snacks!

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