Spooky Blocks

Well it seems that I am behind in making the Halloween blocks! Everyone has made a set and I wanted one too. It was extremely easy to make. I can't wait to make some for thanksgiving and Christmas! Next though I would like to make some little countdown blocks!

Old 2x4 (cut into whatever size you would like)
Mod Podge
Decorative Paper
Sponge brush or other glue applicators
Stencils or a Cricut for the letters

Blocks all painted and paper cut to size

Apply Decorative paper and letters

Finished Product!
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Love For Fedex

Since I live nowhere near a crafts store...this is the next best thing! Projects to follow within the next few weeks!! Pin It

Make it a carrot day!

Yesterday Blake tried carrots for the first time. He wasn't to sure on it at first as most babies are when trying a new food. He ended up eating half the jar so I could only assume that he liked them! I do not plan on using store bought jar food I plan on Making my own. So be sure to check out my experience in making baby food and some recipes!

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Sharks and Nascar

This past weekend my family and I went to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. My daughter loves anything that has to do with Sea life or Animals. We later went to Joanns so i could pick up a new sticky mat for my Cricut and some fabric for and up and coming project! Afterwards we went to the Motor Speedway to watch the Nascar truck series with our free tickets we got from our local Smiths supermarket! What a deal so we were sure to use them! It was a quite loud so we got little man some ear muffs! He didn't seem to mind them at all and just sat and watched the races. We ate highly overpriced greasy food and watched for about and hour. On our way home we finished the night with an ice cream. Here are a few pictures of our day.

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Just a few things...

Here are some of my creations. I'm still very new at sewing. I received a sewing machine 2 years ago at Christmas from my mother but never took it out until this past Spring while I was pregnant with my son. I decided I really wanted to make him a blanket and other made by mom items! It was a bit tricky sewing with minky and from all the reading i did pre-blanket, everyone said minky was NOT a fun fabric to work with, let alone do your first blanket ever with! I was up for the challenge! It turned out pretty good.
The wipe case I just hot glued some fabric over a regular case then glued some ribbon around it. I just loved hot it turned out. The diaper/case bag I used this wonderful tutorial. I had a lot of minky fabric left so when I came across a taggie blanket tutorial at Chica and Jo I wanted to make one asap! It was very easy to make. Be sure to stop and visit Chica and Jo they have such awesome tutorials and wonderful ideas!! I think my next taggie blanket I will add some crinkle paper inside to give it a bit of noise.

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First post!

Here it is my very first post!
I'm throwing myself into the big blog land. My name is Angie I'm a SAHM of two beautiful children! A boy who's 4 months a my big 5 year old girl who just started Kindergarten! I enjoy photography, baking, cake decorating, gardening,
sewing and scrapbooking. I've been married to my husband for 2 years, hes my best friend!
I've been reading blogs for a few years now. I'm amazed at all the women on here and their ideas! So I've finally de
cided to put together a blog to share some creations, DIY, frugal living, thoughts, and just every day life in general! I would love to meet some blogger friends along the way! Ok here it goes....

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