It's My Party

Happy Birthday to ME!

Ah yes another year older. I don't "feel" older until I see my babies get older. I think wow Z is almost over with Kindergarten! Or B is Crawling already! Then I remember that the aging process is also happening to me. Sometimes I would like time to stop. I'm very happy and content with the way things have shaped out to be. The future holds big things and I am excited to see it all happen but some days I would time to just stand still.

Yesterday Z was asking where or if I was going to have a cake. I told her no that I was sweet enough and, my waist line I didn't need a cake this year. Well she became a little upset because EVERY one should have a cake when it's their birthday. Ah yes through the awesome eyes of a 5 year old. So with little help from me she made me cupcakes.

Funfetti cupcakes with pink (my favorite color) and white insides.
Chocolate frosting & blue sprinkles. Delish!

Now, I am off to Las Vegas with the family to do a little shopping then this evening my parents and brother (whom are driving 6 hours now) will meet us at the MGM Rainforest Cafe (one of my favorite restaurants) for a nice dinner.

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  1. Aww isn't that sweet? She made
    cupcakes 4 your B-day! btw I'm
    following you from Boost Your
    Blog Friday! Hope you visit and
    return the follow!:0)

  2. Happy Birthday!
    There is nothing sweeter than seeing the world through your kids eyes. And even sweeter when they think you are the most special scrumptious mom in the world.
    Love ya LOTS! Have a GREAT day.