Signs of Spring

Today in my flower garden I noticed the first flower of the year has bloomed! It was a lovely Tulip. I come from a dutch heritage and tulips are a favorite and something very special to me. Growing up I remember my dad being so fond of his tulips in the spring. He was actually born and raised in Holland and when I was younger we had visited the wonderful Netherlands twice, then a third time the year before I got married with the then future hubby and Z. We plan on returning one of these days when the time is right.

My lovely tulip!

Here are some photos from our trip to Europe in 2007.

Z chasing a duck

At the Keukenhof. The worlds LARGEST flower garden
with over 4.5 Million tulips in over 100 varieties!
It was amazing!

Standing in a Castle, Germany

On a boat ride through Amsterdam

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  1. Ohhh, that's awesome! And with the thoughts of Spring upon us, I dream of even greener pastures and lots of green green grass in the front yard. Though, in the mean time I seem to be growing some well mannered sticks that bend and bow with the wind. :|
    But with all the horses, I'm sure that something will surely grow with all the compost I've acquired over the winter. I'll keep ya posted on the progress and hope to see more "budding" (get it? budding!Tulip? Flower? Budding? lol :P) inspiration from you soon. ;)

  2. How fun, we just had out first tulips come up recently as well and it's always such a great sign that spring is on it's way!

  3. Hi Angie.
    I love Tulips too!!! To bad there are so less of them in Canada. You visited Germany, how exciting!!! I'm from Germany, but live in Canada now. I'm your newest follower and would love you to follow me too ;)
    Have a wonderful day.

    Rita@ martenssmily