End of Summer Break!

As we near the end of summer break I sit and wonder WHERE did this summer break go!? Maybe we were so busy that it just flew by? Next week Z starts 1st grade! FIRST GRADE! ahh....
She is ready more then ever to get back into school. She loves learning and is really missing all of her friends. This week we have been trying to get her back into that 8 p.m bedtime. I mean because summer time equals later nights, even if you are 5... lol
Here is a quick recap of our summer highlights!

Days at the lake

Z learned how to ride her bike!

Watched many sunsets

Lots of swimming!

Ate many fruits

Seen a nasty tarantula!

Played with a cute puppy

Enjoyed the monsoon rains.

B had his hair buzzed for the first time!

Please excuse my major lack of posting lately....
*Hangs head down* I will be up and running again very soon!

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1 comment:

  1. Ahh, the end of summer. :(
    Don't remind me. Here we have already geared up for Way to be in school. School started this last Wednesday, and though he was ready I feel that somehow summer slipped passed too quickly!
    It seems as though school starts earlier every year, and appears as though less, and less summer is actually enjoyed.
    With the bedtimes earlier, and schedules bulging into overload... I feel the need to hold on tight and grasp for ever lasting day remaining of what I will call the rest of the summer. For one more lasting look at the stars, and a few more weekends with Way.... and MAYBE even another trip or 2 to see the rest of my kids and grandkids. ;)