Boring to Fabulous!

Have you seen those awesome colorful flower pots?! They have been around for awhile and you can find them in the gardening section of most home stores. Some are ceramic, terracotta or plastic. A few weeks ago I wanted some BRIGHT colored ones too. Sooo I took a trip to my local home depot and looked at the flower pots they had in the gardening section while Z picked up some watermelon seeds and B tried eating the jalapeno packet of seeds...

The prices of the pretty colored containers were just a little to high for me. After all I'm just filling them with dirt! So I headed over to my other favorite section of the store and picked a few cans of spray paint! Love these colors too!! I decided to paint over some plain jane beige flower pots I've had sitting around. I now have pretty colored flower pots too that only cost me a few bucks!


Before (excuse the drooling dog)


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  1. Fabulous idea! I have been a spray painting fool the past couple days so I will have to add this to my list! ;)

  2. Oh so cool. I am thinking of doing the same thing! Great bright cheery colors too.
    And I like the drooling dog ;)

  3. The drooling dog must be drooling over your gorgeous pots! I know I am!!! jules