Homemade Baby Food

While I was pregnant with with my son I made the decision that when it came time for him to start solids that I would make his food. With all the reading did I figured hey I can do that too! That time has come. Blake is almost 6 months old so it's time to get the fresh fruits and vegetables and mash away!
I have so far introduced him to a few different foods. Some of his favorites include apples and carrots. Both separate and other. That is exactly what I made this morning. I picked out some nice Red Delicious apples and a small bag of carrots. I recommend buying organic when it comes to apples and carrots as they are both on the EWG's "dirty dozen" list.

This is how I made puree carrots and apples:

Baby's Applesauce
(I've read Macintosh, Gala or Braeburn apples are best)

Any amount of apples (I used 3)


Stove Pot

Wash, peel and core apples, put apples in large pot with just enough water to cover the tops of the apples. Boil until tender. Strain cooked apples while saving the left over water. Put apples into food processor and puree while adding leftover water until desired consistency.

Easy as that!! I then put the puree in ice cube trays, covered with plastic wrap and put them in the freezer. Each cube is equal to about 1 ounce. After they are frozen I popped them into a labeled ziploc. Then when your little one wants a meal just take one out, defrost and your little one is good to eat!

Apples Boiling


With the carrots I choose to steam them. Next time I make the applesauce I think i will try steaming them too.




My rice cooker has a steamer basket that it came with so I steamed as directed, until they were tender. Strain carrots, put carrots into food processor and puree. I choose not to keep the water instead I used fresh water for thinning. Follow same steps above for storage.

Carrots Steaming


Ready For The Freezer

Final Product!

This is an awesome site I go upon for most of my recipes and storage help.

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  1. Oh neat.. So you freeze them in cubes and then just thaw them out as you go?? We decided we wanted to make our own baby food too.. (of course Dante actually WANTING to eat solid food needs to happen before we do that!) But I haven't researched it much yet. I should probably get on the ball ;) Very awesome.

  2. Yes, its actually surprisingly easy to make the food....so far anyways. And In the morning I will take a cube or 2 out and thaw. I have also done butternut squash. Though Blake is not a big fan of that yet. I have read you can use frozen veggies as long as they are just veggie/water. Supposedly they are just as healthy. Which is what I did with the squash.

  3. Oh that's Fabulous! :D
    I am very much into canning. I never really got into the "freezer" canning. Mainly because we were always on the go and keeping it cold/frozen was a bothersome task when no freezer was available. So for me canning was definately the way to go. Have you tried sweet potatoes, peas or grean beans? Green Beans and Apple Custard were my sons FAV! Bananas were too and I always made those fresh when they were available. Have you tried those yet?