Get your fall drink on

Ohh how I love the ciders, cranberries, apples, spice, pumpkin drinks that come with fall! Not to mention Egg Nog should be coming out soon if it's not already! Better Homes & Gardens has a wonderful list of drinks to get us into the fall feeling. Whats your favorite fall drink? Pin It


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. And I think eggnog may be the thing I look forward to MOST about the holiday season. BRING ON THE EGGNOG!!!


  2. I'm a huge cider or Wassail fan myself. & I love the fall for staying inside and drinking my fave hot drink. Spotted you on a commnt on craftily ever after. I'm your newest follower! And I have a joke you might like (if you haven't heard it yet) Comes between my BIL and a cousin from church. One is a firefighter and the other a highway patrolman.

    Why did God make firefighters? To give the higwayman someone to look up to. Just thot I'd share since your hubby is a fireman.

    Be blessed!

  3. Very cute joke! And I believe my family does their share in keeping the eggnog business going strong also :D