Treats & Feet

Here are a few things I have been working on this week! The past few years I have been getting tired of emptying the pumpkin head into my purse once it gets filled up with all that trick or treating candy...not that I mind sifting through the candy and picking out the Reese's pieces.. I mean...making sure the candy is safe....
Anyways I decided instead of using a pillow case or store bought trick or treat bag that I would make one! It's a first for me but I think it turned out great and Z just loved it! I also appliqued both kiddies a shirt. Tonight we made some little ghost feet. I love it! Such a neat keepsake for later too!!

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  1. OhMyGosh!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the feet!! Thanks so much for posting this, I am going to do that with my daycare kids and my baby too. So far we have: painted hands to make a fall tree & an orange painted butt to make a 'bum'kin (pumpkin). So now I have the ghost feet too! Awesome :)